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brainy_potheads's Journal

Intellectual Stoners
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This community is for those of us that like to smoke but don't always relate to the "dude, I was so fucked up last night" stoners. We are interested in politics and art, not how big of a bud you bought.

Some suggested posting topics...
  • discuss the politics, governmental policies, stigmas, or other social aspects related to marijuana.

  • discuss the health/mental effects of smoking/ingesting marijuana.

  • describe personal events influenced in some way by marijuana.

  • display something you created while under the influence of marijuana (paintings, sculptures, writings, etc.).

  • write while high -- Topics can be anything, but if it's uninteresting or poorly written, please don't post.

As Livejournal has its own rules, there are a few things you may not post. The LJ Terms of Service state that you are not to "Promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities." Specifically, you cannot:
  • ask a question or give advice about how to pass a drug test.

  • ask or give advice about how to grow, buy, or transport marijuana.
Posts of this nature will lead to a warning. Repeated posts by an individual will lead to his/her removal from the community.

Comments or suggestions about the inner workings of the community should be placed as a comment HERE

Answers and resources for common questions

Want some helpful information about drug tests? See HERE.

And here's an interesting children's book about marijuana, It's Just a Plant.