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Intellectual Stoners
Limited Leverage 
11th-Nov-2009 10:32 pm
I operate on the premise that, deep down, people want mostly to survive and that this desire can fuel their behavior, virtuous or otherwise.

So I think I can understand now why uber-patriotic Americans would make such awful mistakes like toppling evil governments, only to have much worse powers dominate the vacuum. I honestly believe that people like Cheney think that what they are doing is what is best for the country.

Given this history and our current political climate, it is also understandable that Hamid Karzai feels no real pressure to give in to the US and the world community. He would probably be in more personal danger if he double-crossed the warlords that rigged his election than if he told John Kerry to shove it.

So what leverage does the US really have? If he's assassinated, he may be replaced by someone worse. But maybe he won't. And maybe if we just have this conversation openly and publicly he will see that we do have some leverage over him and he will choose to make the correct decision.

Or maybe the decision should be to eliminate his creditors whose deaths would be justified without this logic. They are murderers and criminals; the election rigging is only a drop in their less-than-virtuous bucket. You would only have to get one or two guys to have the others forgive Karzai's debt.

Karzai is just trying to survive. Not only in the living sense but in the political one. If we change the game so that he is more likely to survive by getting away from the warlords, he will change his behavior to better serve his nation.

Anyway, what I can say is that in my lifetime there has never been a better reason to openly discuss assassinating a major political figure. Anyone here know how to bait those assholes at FOX News?
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