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Intellectual Stoners
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11th-Nov-2009 10:32 pm - Limited Leverage
I operate on the premise that, deep down, people want mostly to survive and that this desire can fuel their behavior, virtuous or otherwise.

So I think I can understand now why uber-patriotic Americans would make such awful mistakes like toppling evil governments, only to have much worse powers dominate the vacuum. I honestly believe that people like Cheney think that what they are doing is what is best for the country.

Given this history and our current political climate, it is also understandable that Hamid Karzai feels no real pressure to give in to the US and the world community. He would probably be in more personal danger if he double-crossed the warlords that rigged his election than if he told John Kerry to shove it.

So what leverage does the US really have? If he's assassinated, he may be replaced by someone worse. But maybe he won't. And maybe if we just have this conversation openly and publicly he will see that we do have some leverage over him and he will choose to make the correct decision.

Or maybe the decision should be to eliminate his creditors whose deaths would be justified without this logic. They are murderers and criminals; the election rigging is only a drop in their less-than-virtuous bucket. You would only have to get one or two guys to have the others forgive Karzai's debt.

Karzai is just trying to survive. Not only in the living sense but in the political one. If we change the game so that he is more likely to survive by getting away from the warlords, he will change his behavior to better serve his nation.

Anyway, what I can say is that in my lifetime there has never been a better reason to openly discuss assassinating a major political figure. Anyone here know how to bait those assholes at FOX News?
28th-Oct-2009 10:40 pm - Hello Everyone!
Hello all! i, of all people, have started a blog. I didn't know what to do, but then decided why not write about the thing I love.

Have you ever got a sack of weed, and wondered how, or where, that certain strain came from? "Dude, this White Widow has me on my ass. I wonder where this strain originated?" Well, look no further! The Weed Project is here to help!

I have decided to document, and write about all the different types of strains. Some will be strains I've smoked personally, but not all will be done. I've done a lot of research the past 10 years (more so recent years), so why not put my knowledge into one place!! So, if you want to know where a strain came from, it's genetics, or just wanna drool over some pictures, come stop by with your bong, pipe, blunt, joint, apple, pen, etc.

Here's the link www.theweedproject.blogspot.com please subscribe if you like!
7th-Oct-2009 11:06 am(no subject)
sleep open swim,
verbose mutes
ensconce antigravity
to resonant memory.
22nd-Sep-2009 10:12 pm - Ex-mod post
kiaramoon is our new moderator, so the community stays. Enjoy!
21st-Sep-2009 10:33 pm(no subject)
Greeek sacrifice, in Greece had to do primarily with cooking. It was ritualized cooking. In other words Greeks only ate meat if it was ritually sacrificed. Sacrifice was the only way of having meat to eat, and basically while eating it, of sharing it according to very strict rules. Killing the victim was less important, in a way, than cutting it up and distributing the parts according to very strict rules that corresponded to the socio-political system. And it had to be cooked whether boiled or roasted, so that humans could eat the meat. And they have to eat because they're not gods, not immortal. They have to eat to live, their lives are nourished by taking the life of an animal, but only under such conditions as to make this act, behind its obvious and terrible appearance of slaughter, of killing, seem like an act that is the opposite of murder and violence, like a perfectly civilized act. We've seen the extent to which the Greeks, via their rites, concealed, effaced, camouflaged that violence. As a rule the victim had to be led without force. It had to consent, for example, by moving its head when seeds were sprinkled on it, as if it agreed to be sacrificed. The sacrificial knife was hidden in a basket under the seeds. Everything was designed to hide the blood and the slaughter. Their idea was to kill as if no blood were being spilled. So the sacrifice was clearly set up as the oppoisite to slaughter. What we have is a very coherent system in which sacrifice leads, as it were, to culture. Sacrifice being the main public religious activity it confers on man a certain state, that of being civilized, which differentiates him from the gods who don't eat. They have the fragrant smoke and don't need to eat. They're immortal. It also differentiates humans from animals because animals eat raw meat and devour each other without rules or prohibitions, without cooking, without civilization. The sacrificial act differentiates humans from animals and the gods through their way of eating. They're different from the gods. By sacrificing they recognize that gods and human beings are two completely different races. -- Jean-Pierre Vernant excerpt from Arts and Myths Volume 2: Mnong Gar Jar Stake

21st-Sep-2009 09:42 pm - Hey Americans!
Hello Southern Neighbours, (can you tell I'm not from the U.S. from my kooky spelling?)

How strict are the pot laws in the state where you live? Do you have the freedom to smoke in public? Can you buy from your dealer, without worry or fear? How do you feel about the pot laws in your country?

As a Canadian, I feel lucky, in the sense that I can smoke a joint on my patio, or even on the street. I can visit my local head shop to buy whatever I need, or visit a pot cafe to grab some lunch, and smoke a J. I can be picked up by a police officer (not that it happens often!:P) and not have to worry if I have a pipe on me, a joint, or rolling papers. We used to be decriminalized (not fully legalized) but since Stephen Harper became our Prime Minister, our decriminalization has been under dispute. However, as a country, we are relaxed. As long as you don't have a multi-million dollar grow-op, there are no worries.

I have been to Amsterdam, and although marijuana is decriminalized, they have strict public smoking policies. You cannot smoke on the street. You need to stay indoors, at the coffee shops. Although I did get the best vaporizer hit of my life in a pot museum!

Just so I don't seem totally North American-centric here, if you live in another country, what are your pot laws like? How do you feel about them? I'd be very interested in hearing other views and experiences.

Thanks for reading, and happy smoking!
13th-Sep-2009 01:18 am - Jack Herer
peyote vision
NORML's Facebook group is reporting that he has collapsed backstage at Hempstalk in Portland and is at the hospital in critical condition. His son is with him now.

If you're into prayers, now would be a good time. We owe this guy a lot.

*xposting to hemp-related comms and personal lj*

Wile E.
12th-Sep-2009 01:28 am - Mod post, taking applications
I think this should have been done a long time ago, but if there's anyone out there that would like to better manage this community, please let me know. There'll be a vetting process. It would be nice if applicants were moderate and enthusiastic, but that might be a little too optimistic given the levels and type of participation in the community. But listen, this idea of a community is not a bad one. I would love to see more of the things people create because of pot (drawings, stories, furniture, ideas, etc.). I have sometimes thought that this community could be a sort of argument for social acceptance of pot. It still has that potential with the right leadership.

So if you care, if you have the time, and if you have good ideas for how to enliven a community, I would love to hear from you. The vetting will take place in the comments to this entry.

Not to be a downer, but if there is no satisfactory replacement I'll probably delete the community. There's enough junk floating around the internet.
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