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Intellectual Stoners
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17th-Aug-2009 11:21 pm(no subject)
we know better than to slowly kill ourselves, breathing without thinking. my friend was a prostitute once. she was also a midget. she had a peg-leg. wore an eyepatch and gold teeth. why do you do this i ask her. ingrown children, hot commodity in today's culture, no one really grows up anymore. she liked to carry glass eyes in her pocket to randomly throw at potentials. babies are born impregnated with fetuses manufactured in monotone factories, she continued, here where the land is composed mostly of right angles, a living is composed of death, innate mystycisms and a relationship with the universe is a thing of the past, fuck romantics. she liked to smoke cigarettes straight through her nostrils. like you know any better, she grinned at me, subsisting without labor--i'd soon live in the city library and throw my favorite books at people.

last time i saw her she wanted to eat the sun and shit out the universe. she was riding a rainbow on her way to the other end.
18th-Apr-2009 12:39 am - This.
peyote vision
Has got to be the most clue-impaired anti-drug propaganda campaign, like, ever. (And the most unintentionally entertaining one for the stoner crowd at least since the original Reefer Madness hit us like a blast from a 6-foot bong.)

> http://www.signaleducation.com/index.php/sig_english/catalogsearch/result/?q=drugosaurs&x=0&y=0

Also immortalized in sf_drama (with full array of links) at:

> http://community.livejournal.com/sf_drama/2133614.html

*also xposted in pot_heads*

Wile E.
31st-Dec-2008 10:21 am(no subject)
Hello all,
As is pretty obvious I enjoy our little green friend. However, I get munchies pretty bad and end up eating a bunch of crap I later regret. Does anyone know of a way to suppress this side effect or at least curtail it?
23rd-Sep-2008 10:10 am(no subject)
my friend claims he can roll a scent-less spliff.

has anyone ever heard of this?

he says, you take a slightly wet piece of tobacco, put it into an old weed baggie, and rub it, so it gathers all the residue in the bag, and then roll it. he says that all the residue, is pure thc. i just wanted some feedback before i attempt this in public?
17th-Sep-2008 09:40 pm(no subject)
ever heard of an anorexic pothead?
1st-Sep-2008 08:28 pm - Greetings fellow Bud Buddies
(Cross-posted from "Pothead furs")
Greetings from the University of Miami, where we get Free copies of the NewYork Times ;J ... and i have yet to see a single McCain sticker ;D
here's a song to get you riled up in a revolutionary mood. i keep it stuck in my head whenever i write political opinion.
RATM - renegades of Funk
Matisyahu - Youth another good piece that gets me in the mood to speak up.
Science stuff
I'm not sure if everyone's up to speed, but i encourage everyone to read up and be on the same page, Wikipedia's unbiased, complete, truthful, thoroughly cited, style.
WTF?! turns out it's Neuroprotective, and prevents the anti-plaque that causes Alzheimers ;O And it can induce Apoptosis in glial Blastomas... isn't that what Senator Ted Kennedy has? we gotta let 'em know! Stay informed, speak up, and often.
-and keep it locked to

Here's a funny comic i drew to ridicule the ridicule of DPR. Taking a cue from the recent Obama caricature in the New Yorker Magazine.
DPR comic. Cuz you know that's the way some people think ;o
And here's a comic i'm fond of that i drew, commemorating my first time.
K-1st time at my FA page. it's pretty amusing.

-Everyone's favorite pot-smoking, leftwing-liberal counter-culturist, intellectual atheist hippy Chemistry-Math-Artist Lion (musky armpits and all ;3)
13th-Aug-2008 03:50 pm - Amazement....
My Grady Card expired on my birthday(the 9th). I hadn't realized this until I was about to go get my refills for my seizure meds. I figured no bigs, I'll just get it renewed and all will be well. Then I come to find out that I need 2 fresh check stubs from work, which I wont have for another coupe weeks. I figured I have 3 refills on my perscription so lets see what full price is at Kroger, I can do that for one month before i get back on the Grady plan.
For one month of the meds, since I'm uninsured,it would cost me $880.39. I'm not sure which is more ridiculous, the cost of the meds, or the fact that I can get the same anti-convulsive effect from smoking pot(I'm sadly dry, lol), and it's actually much cheaper.
I have to wonder what makes these meds so damn expensive. Is the active ingredient a special kind of fungus that only grows at sunrise on the anus of Babylonian gods? Is it maybe a worldspanning conspiracy designed to keep anyone unable to keep up financially with insurance costs just die? What is it that makes meds so outrageously expensive?
I also have to wonder what the stigma against medical MJ is, I know it works, I know it helps me and I know it's incredibly cheap compared to big Pharms solution to my problem.
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